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Name:Hogwash: A Storyline
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Community description:Harry Potter role playing storyline



Harry Potter: The Boy Who Lived… and lived… and lived!
All was well after Harry defeated Lord Voldemort at the Battle of Hogwarts on May 2, 1998. The following hours, days, weeks and months were filled with grief and mourning, tearful reunions, and a collective effort to rebuild Hogwarts Castle before September 1st when, for the first time in decades, students could attend school without the constant threat of dark wizard attacks.
For Harry, Ron, and Hermione, life went on. They were all seen as heroes now, as the story of their adventurous journey (of course) leaked to the public. They entered the world of magical employment in their desired fields, and did the very best to live life as fully as possible, now appreciating just how precious freedom was.
Four years later, their peaceful existence will once again be threatened.

A New Uprising: Rodolphus Lestrange’s Rise to Power
After his wife was killed in the Battle of Hogwarts and the Dark Lord was destroyed, Rodolphus Lestrange lost all sense of purpose. He, along with the other surviving Death Eaters, fled the country and went into hiding.
The grief process was both vicious and enlightening for Rodolphus. He mourned for his lost love—who loved the Dark Lord more than she had ever loved him. Everyone knew it, and he certainly wasn’t stupid. But she was willing to marry him, to mother his children and carry on their pureblood lineage. If she was willing to give him that, then it was enough. Toward the end, it sickened him to watch Bellatrix desperately throw herself at the Dark Lord, who clearly had no interest in her or in anyone other than himself.
He was so furious for letting himself become a mere pawn in the Dark Lord’s game. He was different than the others; he was intelligent. Rodolphus had always shared his master's view that Mudbloods and mixed-bloods ought to be eliminated, but as a tool of Voldemort, being sent on a mission could easily translate into being disposed of by attempting to further his place for doing something unconventionally. He dared not act on his grandiose plans of killing all those with filthy blood, for fear that he would be his Lord's undoing.
But now the Dark Lord was gone, as were his most trusted advisors, including Snape. He knew that his fellow Death Eaters saw this as a career-ending blow, but to Rodolphus, this was an opportunity. Voldemort, as a mortal, was killed easily enough, but it would take much more than the loss of a life to destroy his ideas. Knowing how fresh the idea of blood purity was in the minds of those in the Wizarding world, Rodolphus vowed to push the idea further than Voldemort ever had--he planned to put the extermination into action.
Four years to the day that Voldemort met his demise, Rodolphus Lestrange summoned Death Eaters who, like him, sought revenge. He had a plan, and it was a good plan. Unlike Voldemort’s utilization of fear and intimidation, he planned to use much sneakier tactics, which first would target the muggles of London by magically poisoning their household products (dishwashing detergent, tissues, medication, groceries, etc…). Depending upon the amount of exposure, such poisoning would cause sterilization, if not death. News of mass muggle death tolls would instantly reach the wizarding community, and whiley they were distracted and vulnerable in their frantic efforts to help the struggling muggles…
Rodolphus planned retake the Ministry. He would move to initiate a pureblood marriage and reproduction law to ensure the survival of the pureblood race. He also wished to track suspicious purebloods (suspected muggle-lovers) by forcing them into lowly 9-5 desk jobs at the Ministry. Snatchers would be employed to kidnap, torture, and sterilize mudbloods.

Hogwash: A Storyline
The new regime’s efforts will not stop until their race is once again pure. Rodolphus has full intention of decimating anything that stands in his way, especially that pathetic boy and the muggle-loving fools who followed him to the bitter end. If Rodolphus has it his way, and he will, that muggle sympathizer who killed his Bella will rue the day she brandished her wand.
Indeed, peace can never be found at the end of a wand or in the brilliant green of the Killing Curse. Hidden in the open are those supporters of the Dark Lord who, discontent and seething around the power vaccum left by You-Know-Who's downfall, seek to fill it and exact retribution. Those whose voices have always been ignored by those of wizarding stock--centaurs, vampires, werewolves, giants...--now seek to either lay claim to their part in vanquishing the Dark Lord, or to follow in their trail, to reclaim their portion of the definition of what it truly means to live and to think. There are those who, branded with the Dark Mark either on their arm or their souls or consciousnesses, now wish to make a new start; at the same time, there are those on the "winning side" who, disillusioned by the Light or brought to grief by the war's horrors, slink ever closer to the shadows in the Dark.
All was well. Or was it? British wizarding society and all its fringe components are moving inexorably closer toward a new age, heralded in by Unforgivable deeds and blood, both innocent and guilty, spilled. Nothing is written in stone--this story is far from over. This time, the battle will be waged in the names of all those who wish to have a part in writing their story in victory's ink.

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